donderdag 21 februari 2013

Dear readers,

My apologies for haven't post anything for such a long time. But there is good news, within two weeks I will be restarting with posting articles and photograp's on my blog again. I will start to write more about good tailors and special shops that I visit during my many travels. I also will do from time to time a book review and will report from the trade shows that I'm visiting every year. I hope you will enjoy reading all this and that you will start following me again.

Thanks in advance and stay tuned for the upcoming articles.

All my very best,
Tim Mureau

donderdag 5 augustus 2010

John Coggin, Savile Row tailor

John Coggin is an excellent Savile Row trained tailor in London with over 45 years of experience.
He is trained at Anderson & Sheppard and worked for various tailor shops on Savile Row and in other parts of London. He also did have for many years together with a partner the tailorshop Tobias tailors on Savile Row and after having his own shop he worked the last 5 years as the bespoke tailor for Hackett on Bishopsgate in London.

Now he started to run a business under his own name, offering bespoke tailoring of the highest Savile Row quality for reasonable prices. He also will start soonly offering made to measure shirts from a very high quality shirtmaker in Italy. John can measure and fit you if you want in your hotel room in London, at home if you live in London, at your office in London and he also make several trips a year to Frankfurt am Main to measure and fit people.

If you want to know prices or want some more information about John, you can reach him on his mobile phone number which is; +447792525055